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 There’s a reason Xiao Long Bao is our namesake. These steamed dumplings, originating in Shanghai, are filled with a homemade pork and chicken bone broth, ground pork, and our house mix of aromatics. Gently steamed inside a bamboo basket, they are served with a dish of red vinegar and sliced ginger.

*Not available for takeout

Baozi or simply, bao, are yeast-leavened buns stuffed with fillings and steamed to pillowy perfection. We offer both meat and vegan options: pork & cabbage or mushroom & chive—and the occasional special like char su (bbq pork) bao, curry chicken bao, or our infamous cheeseburger bao.

Wok fried noodles, popcorn chicken, heaping piles of saucy bok choy—our classic comfort food will make you feel right at home. 

Our Specialities

Our Story

In 2011, Jasper Shen founded Aviary, a restaurant focused on borderless cuisine with French techniques, alongside his wife, Kat Whitehead, and chef, Sarah Pliner (RIP). Come 2012, Aviary would win Restaurant of the Year from Willamette Week, officially putting them Portland’s ever-evolving foodie map. 


Not long after in 2013, Linh Tran was hired at Aviary, where she would cut her teeth in the restaurant industry, while forming a life-long friendship with Jasper.


Jasper and Linh bonded over their love of NYC—Laura being born and raised in Times Square—jogging, bar cruising, cooking, and time spent with family. Their natural ambition, curiosity, and penchant for warm meals reflected the welcoming spirit of what they knew a restaurant could be. 


With a family friendly atmosphere, thoughtfully designed space, and a curated selection of Chinese comfort food— XLB opened in January 2017 on N. Williams Ave— bringing to fruition years of conversation and camaraderie. 

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